Welcome to my site......

I'm Jamie Hendrix - a Music loving South Wales living selector of most things musical. I've been playing records for over 15 years at a huge range of clubs, parties, bars and festivals. I play a lot of Funk, Soul & Rock n Roll but lots of Hip Hop, Jazz, Leftfield, Roots, Dub, Ska, Folk, Rock, Electronica, World, Blues and Country along the way.

I've run several nights in Norfolk, including jUNKtRUFFLE (Interactive Mutlimedia Breaks), Skill (Hip Hop, Breaks, Funk, Reggae) and Loose Booty (Funk, Soul & Rock n Roll). I'm founder of 2 Bit TV , Loose Booty and part of the Foundation Sound crew and Superbad Sound System.

I've recentley moved to Cardiff, South Wales and am involved in the community radio station Oystermouth Radio where I do an ocasional Friday show 1900-2100GMT - Electric Langland.

All in all I love getting involved and I love music. The one thing better than music is making people happy with music & thats why I keep on buying & playing records.

Theres nothing like sharing music you love and making people smile/dance/happy whilst doing it.

I'll be adding news, charts & mixes to the site as and when I get the time.

Watch this space & please get in touch.....