New mix added

Latest mix including classics from Terminator X, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Brenda George, NWA and the Clash alongside Kasabain remixes, Homeboy Sandman, DJ Format, Little Barrie, Nino Bless razzing up Johnny Cash and some Tru Thoughts nuggets.
I've had a chance to go through my collection & dug up some albums I havent listened to in ages. 4 Tracks on 2 albums stood out and they've been included on this latest mix.

Juvenile Delinquentz by Juvenile Delinquentz & DJ is the Selector by Dubmaster both from Terminator X's debut solo album from 1991 Valley of the Jeep Beats. Lots of guests artists, styles and killer beats. Also listen out for the more famous track Buck Whylin' by Chuck D & Sister Souljah.

Young Men by Kruder & Dorfmeister and My Heart Sings by Freakpower in Dub (ie Freakpower ie Norman Cook. all very much more chilled out than later efforts) both from Give 'em enough Dope vol 2 from 1995.