Good online music stores: Great UK store, label & clubnight. Store always features fresh Hip Hop, Funk, Reggae, Mash ups etc great music from great people (also very thankful to Martin Brew for putting me onto the PlayLoaded bootleg from the Soundly Beaten crew many moons ago) From the founder of Big Daddy magazine (killer mag) an online store with sought out funk, soul, hip hop n reggae gems from all over. Great Manchester based store with a fare bit of funk, soul, hop hop etc. Have to mention these guys as I got a much sought after record from them using their wants section. Nice Top UK site that features pretty much all the dance music released in the UK London based site that features similar releases to Juno but actually has a shop you can visit 51 Poland St. They also put on nights in n around and have guests in store. The online store for buying & selling pretty much everything, especially vinyl. Very dangerous after a few halves as Im pretty sure everyone can attest to. Online search engine for LOTS of online stores.

Great music sites: Definitive Funk search/info site. Listings, mp3s, information and reviews. Very deep indeed. 10 years old & one of the largest online Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, digging, selling forums there is. US based Stumbled upon this totally by random when hunting down a 45 & go back regularly. Regular 45s & artists highlighted offering an insight into many an artist or track youd be hard pressed to find out about. Similar blog to Funk16 Corners but a new 45 every day. Nice Quality forum all about vinyl & lots thats not. Great UK based Funk forum from Fryer (Motherfunk & Jazzman). Plenty of natter & 45s for sale. Also check out Fryers own label there putting out quality reissues of quality tunes. New site Ive stumbled upon recently. Great new findings from across the globe. Great online radio station V V good online radio with a massive eclectic selection of guest mixes and shows.

Great labels/artists: Killer UK roots n dub from the Far East (Anglia). Not only producing some of the toughest 45s but also putting on events in and around the East of England Jazzman Geralds doing a sterling job of reissuing a whole host of sought after & much loved tracks on vinyl (Im pretty sure I saw 'The World' by Sandi & Matues going for over $2000 on ebay recently). Wicked Brighton based label putting out new music from the likes of Nostalgia 77, Quantic etc. Also check out their radio show on Totally Radio Some of the best new music Ive heard in ages Cinematic (on several levels) French Hip Hop. Great live show too with strings & live visuals. Wacky & wonderful UK Hip Hop

Im hypnotised
all of a sudden someting catch my eyes
pink and four legged and shes made a plastic
long blonde hair I went totally spastic
it was who? my my my little pony
all by herself but shes looking kinda lonely
I stepped to her cos Im feelin mad horny
Im willin to ride her like Im franky dettori
i said hey can i get you a bale of hay
never said nay so i took that as an ok
chittin and chattin got mad conversational
half an hour later we were back at her stable Great Funk ,Soul, Hip Hop DJ putting together wicked live shows & compilations. West London based label putting out all things Soul Jazz Hip Hop Dub Grime Roots in heavyweight compilations.

Interesting Visuals: Pioneering & revolutionising cinema as we know it. Sign up. Go see it for yourself. Wow visual things & improvisations from all over the world. Ditto. Nice on every level