Here are a number of mixes I've put together. Watch this space for new mixes and Radio shows from my weekly Electric Langland slot on
Radio show listings should be available at some point after the show.......

Feel free to listen and download.

February 2011 - Valley of the Deep Beats

Download JamieHendrix-Feb2011.mp3

October 2010 - Limit to your life

Download JamieHendrix-October2010

September 2009 - Downbeat the Ruler

Download JamieHendrix-September2009

August 2009 - Hotter than July

Download JamieHendrix-August2009

May 2009 - All that is required is you....

Download JamieHendrix-May2009

March 2009 - From Lou Rawls to La Roux

Download JamieHendrix-Mar2009

Winter 2008 - Loose Booty Promo

Download Loose Booty Promo Winter 2008.mp3

Summer 2008 - Flight of the Cocos

Download Flight of the Cocos.mp3